RPSGT Practice Exam + Self-Assessment

Assess your readiness for the RPSGT exam and pinpoint areas of competence or improvement with our comprehensive course, featuring domain-specific practice exams and a real-life simulation exam, tailored for aspiring sleep technologists at any level of experience.

short, easy-to-understand microlearning style video lessons
hand-crafted and instructed by an award-winning sleep technologist who has a passion for educating
relevant & practical learning material that is to the point and based on 20+ years of real-life experience
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Course Overview


This course is designed to assess your readiness for the RPSGT exam and identify areas of competencies or deficiencies. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sleep technologist, this course will provide valuable insights into your exam preparation. Here's an outline of what you can expect:

Section 1: 4 Domain-Specific Practice Exams

  • Four separate domain areas covered
  • Each exam maintains proportional topic content within its respective domain
  • Two attempts allowed per domain exam
  • Detailed explanations provided for incorrect answers

Section 2: 1 "Real Life" Simulation Exam

  • Comprehensive 150-question assessment
  • Proportional topic content maintained across the domain
  • Single attempt per exam
  • No detailed explanations for incorrect answers
  • Some questions are drawn from domain-specific practice exams

What You'll Learn

  • About your own RPSGT exam readiness
  • About which domain area you may have areas of competencies or deficiencies

Who Is This Course For?

This course is perfect for individuals who are already eligible to take their CPSGT or RPSGT exam and would like to prepare further before taking it.


There is no course prerequisite; however, this practice exam is intended for individuals who are within 6 months of RPSGT Exam eligibility or have already obtained RPSGT Exam eligibility.


Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion to showcase your educational learning activity.

Course Outline

Section 1: Domain-Specific Practice Exam

  • Based on the current RPSGT Exam Blueprint.
  • The minimum passing score is 70%, which is equal to 350 out of 500 points.
  • Includes four separate "Domain Exams" tailored for targeted self-assessment.
  • Simulated time constraints are in place for pacing practice, with an additional 15-minute grace period provided.
  • Each task within a domain maintains a proportionate representation of topic content.
  • Participants are allowed two attempts per domain exam.
  • Incorrect answers are accompanied by correct solutions and detailed explanations.

– Domain 1 Quiz: Clinical Overview, Education, and Patient Support

  • 26 questions, representing 17.3% of the exam, with a 27-minute time limit plus a 15-minute grace period.
    • Task A: Patient Information and Clinical Assessment – 42-58% of Domain 1 (11-15 Questions)
    • Task B: Patient and Caregiver Education – 23-38% of Domain 1 (6-10 Questions)
    • Task C: Support and Compliance – 15-23% of Domain 1 (4-6 Questions)

– Domain 2 Quiz: Sleep Study Preparation and Performance

  • 44 questions, accounting for 29.3% of the exam, with a 45-minute time limit plus a 15-minute grace period.
    • Task A: Technical Preparation – 25-34% of Domain 2 (11-15 Questions)
    • Task B: Calibrations – 7-11% of Domain 2 (3-5 Questions)
    • Task C: Procedures and Practice Guidelines – 27-36% of Domain 2 (12-16 Questions)
    • Task D: Identity, Respond, and Document – 30-39% of Domain 2 (13-17 Questions)

– Domain 3 Quiz: Scoring, Reporting, and Data Verification

  • 38 questions, making up 25.3% of the exam, with a 39-minute time limit plus a 15-minute grace period.
    • Task A: Adult PSG – 63-68% of Domain 3 (24-26 Questions)
    • Task B: Pediatric and Infant PSG – 16-21% of Domain 3 (6-8 Questions)
    • Task C: Report Generation – 13-18% of Domain 3 (5-7 Questions)

– Domain 4 Quiz: Therapeutic Treatment and Intervention

  • 42 questions, constituting 28% of the exam, with a 43-minute time limit plus a 15-minute grace period.
    • Task A: PAP Therapy – 83-93% of Domain 4 (35-39 Questions)
    • Task B: Oxygen Therapy – 5-10% of Domain 4 (2-4 Questions)
    • Task C: Alternative Therapies – 2-7% of Domain 4 (1-3 Questions)

Section 2: A “Real-Life” Simulation Exam Experience

  • Engage in the "Simulation Exam" after completing each of the Domain-Specific exams.
  • Comprises 150 questions, excluding the 25 non-scored questions similar to those omitted by the BRPT.
  • Maintains the proportional frequency of topics.
  • A 155-minute time limit is imposed, averaging approximately 1 minute and 2 seconds per question, akin to the actual exam conditions, plus a 5-minute grace period.
  • Limited to one attempt per purchase.
  • Some questions are reused from the domain exams with slight modifications to enhance vigilance.
  • No feedback is provided during the Simulation Exam.

First Sleep School’s RPSGT Practice Exam closely mirrors the BRPT’s Exam blueprint, incorporating the latest standards such as the AASM scoring manual, International Classification of Sleep Disorders version 3, and the AAST Technical Guidelines. The practice exam is divided into four domain-specific sections as outlined by the BRPT, facilitating focused study and evaluation of readiness in each domain.

The scoring range for the RPSGT exam is between 200 and 500, with a minimum passing score of 350 (70% of the maximum score). The design of our exam questions attempts to reflect the type, content, and topic distribution of the BRPT RPSGT exam. Each domain-specific exam has set time limits that mirror the pacing required in the actual exam, with an added 15-minute grace period to ensure completion.

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Verified user
Great study guide/prep for testing wording.
Annmarie S.
First Sleep School's reply:

About the Instructor

Larry Brewer BA, RPSGT, RST

Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Instructor

Larry is a Registered Sleep Technologist with over 20 years of experience in the sleep technology field. He focuses on providing a clear understanding of the content through a relational styled teaching approach. He appreciates the value of providing real-life examples to explain even the most complex content.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions about the course.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support team.
How will I access my course materials?

After you purchase and enroll into a course, you'll be given access to your own student dashboard. There you'll find all the courses you're enrolled in. You'll also be able to manage your user profile,  view/download certificates, view order histories, and monitor course completion progress.

How is the course material presented?

Our courses follow a microlearning approach, breaking down each lesson into two parts:

  1. A concise on-screen video presentation.
  2. A brief quiz that covers the specific topics discussed in the previous video.
Why do you take the microlearning approach?

We intentionally structure our courses this way because we've found that presenting information in short, focused bursts significantly enhances retention rates and improves understanding.

How long are the video lessons?

On average, our video lessons are about 5 minutes long. Some of our more complex topics may reach up to 15 minutes long, while others can be as short as 1 minute long.

What happens after a video lesson?

Upon completing each video lesson, you'll have the option to rewatch it as many times as you wish or proceed to the quiz. You'll also have the ability to come back to watch or reference the video lesson as needed between quiz attempts.

What can I expect from the quizzes?

After each lesson, you'll be prompted to take a brief quiz comprising of about 5 questions, depending on how long the video was. These quizzes are not timed, and you'll have multiple attempts to achieve a passing grade.

How do I progress to the next lesson?

To advance, you need to earn a passing grade of 80% on the quiz. You can rewatch the video lesson between quiz attempts if needed.

How do I access my certificate of completion at the end of the course?

There are 3 ways you can download your certificates. The method we recommend is to:

  1. Login to your dashboard, and click your name in the top right corner.
  2. Then click "My Account".
  3. Navigate to the Certificates tab, then click "View" next to the certificate you want to view.
  4. Then click "Download PDF". If it asks you to allow downloads, click "Allow".

We like to suggest this method because it makes viewing and downloading multiple certificates at once quick and easy. If you run into any trouble, contact us, and we'll help you out.

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The 4 self-assessment exams are designed to help you test your skills in each of the 4 domains according to the RPSGT Exam Blueprint.

Includes 1 Simulated Practice Exam

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