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A Year of Growth and Unity: BRPT's 2023 Review Highlights

Reflecting on BRPT's 2023 achievements, this blog encourages sleep technologists to join forces in addressing the profession's challenges and advancing patient care.
Written by
Larry Brewer
Published on
April 13, 2024

This article was written as a commentary to the BRPT's 2023 Year In Review.

The Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) had an eventful 2023, filled with progress and partnerships, especially with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). In its 45th year, the BRPT has not only celebrated the widespread recognition of the RPSGT credential but also tackled the field's challenges head-on, particularly through its participation in the AASM's task force aimed at addressing the sleep technologist shortage.

Collaborative Efforts to Address the Technologist Shortage

The BRPT's involvement with the AASM task force is a significant stride toward understanding and solving the shortage of sleep technologists. This partnership highlights the dedication of both organizations to improve the situation by finding the root causes and proposing viable solutions. It's a promising step forward, showing the BRPT's commitment to strengthening the profession for the future.

Certification Growth and the Rise of Patient Education

2023 also saw an increase in professionals earning the CCSH credential, emphasizing the need for advanced health professionals in sleep technology. The importance of patient education has become more pronounced with advancements in sleep tech. The BRPT emphasizes the critical role of experienced professionals in guiding patients through their treatment options, a task made even more essential by the rapid development of new technologies.

Future Directions: Embracing Change with Optimism

Looking ahead, the BRPT remains dedicated to setting high standards, fostering education, and encouraging collaboration to ensure the sleep technology field continues to thrive. The organization's proactive approach to addressing industry challenges and its commitment to credentialing excellence set a positive outlook for the profession.

The past year has not only been about celebrating achievements but also preparing for future challenges with innovative solutions and unity. By highlighting these efforts, we aim to convey the BRPT's unwavering commitment to advancing sleep technology and supporting its community of professionals. As we reflect on these accomplishments and the paths laid out for the future, it's clear that the journey ahead is bright, with the promise of continued growth and collaboration.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We're at a pivotal moment where every sleep technologist can contribute to shaping the future of our profession. Whether it's by advancing your certification, getting involved with the BRPT, or simply sharing your knowledge and experiences, your actions can help address the challenges we face and enhance patient care.

Consider how you can make a positive impact in your professional community. Your involvement can lead to greater advancements, more robust solutions to our challenges, and a stronger sleep technology field. Let's take the momentum from this past year and move forward with purpose and passion. Your journey to make a difference starts now. Let’s work together to build a brighter future for sleep technology.

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