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Yes. Of course. Please refer to the Online Refund Policy for details but basically full refund within 72 hours of purchase and then become prorated based off the total number of lessons completed compared to total number of lessons within course.

Please send an email to making the request to cancel your enrolled course. Please give your name and course title so we make sure we do it correctly. We understand something we change our minds, however, if there is an opportunity for us to do something better then please leave us feedback also at

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First Sleep School is part of First Sleep, LLC, which operates out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 862, Aubrey, Texas 76227.

We also host our LIVE school courses on the Corinth campus of North Central Texas College located at 1500 N. Corinth Street, Corinth, Texas 76208.

First Sleep School, formally known as North Texas School of Sleep Medicine & Technology, was established in the summer of 2013 to provide sleep education and training for individuals seeking a career in or to advance their career in the field of sleep medicine. First Sleep School is also approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, school number S4200.

Additionally, the school is also recognized by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) as a STAR (Sleep Technology Approved Resource) provider, #F2006, which can be verified on their website at Graduates of First Sleep School are eligible to use the Focused Training eligibility pathway for the RPSGT exam (Pathway 4) and CPSGT exam (Pathway 3).

First Sleep School is owned by First Sleep, LLC, which is co-owned by Larry Brewer and Shauna Brewer. First Sleep, LLC also does business under the assumed name First Sleep Center as well as First Sleep Services and currently provides sleep related services in multiple locations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth. Please see information on instructors to know more about Larry Brewer, BA. RPSGT, RST.

Larry Brewer, BA, RPSGT, RST

Graduate of the University of Mississippi 1993 with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. After graduating, worked as a chemist in Memphis, TN area.

I started as a sleep trainee in June 2002 and then obtained my RPSGT credential in 2004 and RST in 2011. I worked as an Implementation Specialist of startup centers for multiple locations over the United States until I returned to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area as the Practice Manager for Children’s Medical Center Dallas where I helped to implement the very first Joint Commission recognized Disease Management program for Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea and was awarded First Place for the Best Facility in America by Advance for Respiratory Care &; Sleep Medicine in the 2009 National Sleep Achievement Awards. I also participated in the training of physicians while they were rotating through Children’s as part of the Sleep Fellowship program associated with University of Texas Southwestern Medial Center.

In September 2009, I joined the ownership group of Alliance Sleep Center, now called Alliance Family of Companies, as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. During my three and a half years as the managing partner, I helped led the company to expand from a single sleep center to over ten sleep center locations expanding from Dallas/Ft. Worth to Austin to Houston areas.

In June 2013, I sold my ownership in Alliance Sleep Center to the other partners and started First Sleep, LLC, which I am still currently the managing partner. First Sleep provides sleep services in the Dallas/Ft. Worth areas and also operates, First Sleep School, which is an approved College and Career School by the Texas Workforce Commission as well as an approved STAR Focused 2 Provider by the BRPT to offer the 80 Hour Introductory Course into Polysomnography.

I am also the inventor of the of the popular neuro-diagnostic and sleep technology measuring device called the “10-20 TOOL”, which was launched in January 2015. It is sold through several different online retailers and has been sold in the United States, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Check out our website at

During my 15+ years, I have led and facilitated several Joint Commission Accreditations, AASM Accreditations, ACHC Accreditations, performed insurance negotiations, Medicare applications, ASTEP implementation, policy and procedure development, personnel management, sleep study scoring/interpretation support as well as being the COO/CFO for a multi-million dollar operations. I have also been an invited guest lecturer at the University of North Texas’ Behavioral Sleep Medicine Doctoral program as well as the annual BRPT Symposium.

I have a passion for teaching others and want to be a part of the development of the next generation of sleep professionals. I am grateful for your support and trust that you are helped by our courses and delivery model.

On a personal note, I am married to my beautiful high school sweetheart for over 25 years and we have three adult children, all attending the University of North Texas pursuing their passions as well. I am also a member, LIFE group teacher and Deacon at First Baptist Church Denton where I worship and serve my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. May you be blessed.

The RPSGT Board Prep and the CPSGT Board Prep courses are mostly built from Mometrix “RPSGT EXAM SECRETS” and we highly encourage you to purchase that study guide as you take our courses so that it can give study and reflection time to each of the subject areas. We also use the Fundamentals of Sleep Technology, 2nd Edition; AASM Manual for Scoring and AAST’s Technical Guidelines.

This should give more incentive to the student to engage the content and study for their upcoming board exam or just to advance in their career with greater knowledge. It is also to discourage students from sharing their account with others as to have access to the study material without their own enrollment. We hope this is understandable to you and are grateful for your support of our courses.

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Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do just that.  Our micro-learning style of teaching introduces a single concept or topic at a time so that you can focus your learning needs.

Yes! You will find it under your “My Account” section and then under Certificates.  You will need this to submit with your BRPT exam application.